Saturday, 31 July 2021

Why Faulty Appliances in Your Home Could Be Wasting Electricity

Fuel bills have risen substantially over the last few years, so you're not alone if you find that your gas and electricity bills seem...

Add Style and Purpose to Your Decor

The stylish home of your dreams can still be achieved, with some careful consideration towards adding not just style, but purpose to your décor. Readmore.

Family entertainment centre: Designing it right

Entertainment units should be the focal point of the room, they capture people’s attention and they are expected to portray a certain feeling and...

Which home improvements add most value to your property?

Research conducted by peer-to-peer loan company Zopa reveals the average home improvement adds more than 10% to the value of a residential property. The...
Hydronic Heating

5 Must Know Things About Hydronic Heating

Without any doubt, the issue of global warming has become one of the major concerns for the entire world. The weather has been changing...
floor and mop

How To Take Care Of Your Laminate Flooring

Laminate is one of the most popular flooring choices for British homeowners and we can’t see it going out of fashion any time soon. It’s...

Places In Your Home That Need Cleaning

Here you will find a cleaning checklist of places in our homes that are often overlooked. Take a peek and you are sure to...
converting the loft

Why Is London A Hotspot For Loft Conversions?

Homeowners in London, it would seem, have a favourite type of home renovation - the loft conversion. The loft conversion is becoming increasingly popular...
What You Should Know Before Placing Your Property on the Market

What You Should Know Before Placing Your Property on the Market

Thinking of putting up your home for sale? These great tips will help you prepare your home for selling on the property market.
glass repair brooklyn

How Glass Repair Is Done With Utmost Care

In this article, find out why you may need to call upon professionals when it comes to repairing various types of glass, from windshields to window glass...